Initiation Fees
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Due Date: 2 weeks after Initiation
Online/Paper: Paper (mail check to HQ)
Extensions Granted: Yes

The Initiation Fees are used to pay for the key, certificate, a 4 year subscription to The Bent of Tau Beta Pi, and Convention and Association expenses. Currently, fees are $45.00 per new member.

Make checks payable to The Tau Beta Pi Association, and mail to:
    PO Box 2697
    Knoxville, TN 37901-2697

If you make payments through your school and require an invoice, you can print one by visiting the Online System (instructions below). You MUST submit your Election Report first for an invoice to appear. Because the due date usually falls around the end of the term, you may find it useful to request an extension.

Printing an invoice: (Click on images to enlarge.)

Step 1
Log on to the Online System. Select Chapter Info from the left menu.
Step 2
Select Initiation Invoice.
Step 3
Select the most recent election from the menu, then select Display Invoice. You must have submitted your Election Report first.
Step 4
You can view your initiation invoice, complete with a breakdown of the fees. You can also view a printable version, should you need to provide one to your school.

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