Fall Information Update
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Due Date: 5 weeks after school starts
Online/Paper: Online System
Extensions Granted: Yes

The Fall Information Update gives HQ updated information about the Chapter Officers, your College of Engineering and your University.

If you have trouble with this report, or have made changes to your officers since election, contact Rebecca Davis at HQ.

How to: (Click on images to enlarge.)

Step 1
Log on to the Online System. Select Other Reports from the left menu.
Step 2
Select Officer Information Related Reports.
Step 3
Select Update Information.
Step 4
Select the most recent election from the menu (status should be DRAFT). Then select Update Fall Information.
Step 5
Edit the corresponding information. There are 5 sections. Make sure the officer information is correct for each and every officer. Include a name with the Chapter Shipping address. You will also fill out information about school officials and academic terms. Finally, if there are any comments, you have the opportunity to make them here.

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