Eligibility Report
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There are TWO separate reports for Eligibility; both are explained in detail below.
    Eligibility Report for Undergraduates
    Eligibility Report for Graduate Students, Alumni and Eminent Engineers

Eligibility for Undergraduates

Due Date: 5 weeks after the start of the term
How: Online System
Extensions Granted: Yes

The Eligibility Report lets HQ know which undergraduates are academically eligible (top 1/5 of seniors and top 1/8 of juniors) for the current term.

How to: (Click on images to enlarge.)
Step 1
Your registrar should provide your Chapter or an Advisor with a list of eligible students (top 1/5 of the senior class, top 1/8 of the junior class). You'll need this list to get started.
Step 2
Log on to the Online System. Select Membership Reports.
Step 3
Select Eligibility from the Membership Menu.
Step 4
Select the current term. You will have to select <new> if you haven't started working on the current Eligibility report. From here, you have two options:
  1. Select Download Eligibility Template to download a spreadsheet where you can enter the required information. This can be emailed to you or downloaded directly. This is ideal for large Chapters. The spreadsheet includes a separate tab with instructions on how to fill it in - you must follow those instructions exactly, or it will result in delays in processing and can affect your grade.
  2. Select Manual Report Input to input the information manually. You might find this easier if your school is small. If you use the spreadsheet, you will also have to visit this option anyway to enter the expected initiation date.
Step 5
Enter the total number of juniors and the total number of seniors. This includes current members. You would also enter the expected initiation date, and you can go ahead and order materials from the report. (The spreadsheet has the same options, except for expected initiation date, just fill out the corresponding cells.) This screen also has the PIN for the Catalog Cards your candidates can fill out.
Step 6
If manually entering your candidates, select Continue to Juniors and enter the information for eligible juniors. Select Add New and enter the information on the following screen. Repeat this for your eligible seniors.
If using the spreadsheet, you can enter all the information at once, following the formatting outlined in the instructions. Remove members that are no longer eligible, but do NOT copy and paste information from another spreadsheet (if you do, make sure you use Paste Special and use "Paste Values"), and do NOT change any names that appear on the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has more detailed instructions.
You must include ALL eligible students, including current members. If there are more students with the same GPA as the last person on the list, you MUST include ALL those students as well, even if you exceed the number of eligible students (you can have more, but not less). You must also include candidates that fall below the Chapter deadline (a minimum GPA that may be more restrictive), if you have one.
Step 7
When manually entering your candidates, you will only be allowed to enter the number of eligible students. In the case of a tie for the last person on the list, you will have to return to the Eligibility Menu and select Additional Eligible Members. This is not an issue with the spreadsheet; however, if you submit the spreadsheet and need to add an additional eligible person later, you may have to use this feature.
Step 8
**Picture Coming Soon** If using the spreadsheet, make sure you save the spreadsheet with the name CCCXYY, where CCC is your Chapter (FLQ, GAB, etc.), X is the semester (F for fall, S for spring), and YY are the last two of the year (15 for 2015). You will also need to save it as .xls (Excel 97-2003 workbook), and not .xlsx. Email this spreadsheet to: . Spreadsheets are processed the day they are received at HQ, unless received over the weekend, when they will be processed the next Monday at the earliest. Allow some time for processing.
Step 9
**Picture Coming Soon** Once you have entered all eligible students, you are given the option to Submit Eligibility Report. This will appear in the Eligibility Menu. Your report is NOT complete until you submit it.

Eligibility for Graduate Students, Alumni, and Eminent Engineers

Due Date: 2 weeks before member elections
How: Paper
Extensions Granted: Yes

Because you may not be initiating graduate students, alumni, or eminent engineers, this report isn't required for a Secretary's Commendation. However, you cannot initiate graduate students, alumni or eminent engineers before determining if they're eligible. Also, not filing this report on time will affect your grade.

The reason behind the two weeks is to give your Chapter time to provide additional information should HQ require it. Sometimes the candidates you are considering were eligible as undergraduates at another institution; you will need time to contact the "home" Chapter for a release to initiate them at yours.

The report requests different information for each candidate. One constant is the educational background; information about each degree, major, institution and graduation date is required. Read below to see what is required for each category.

Required Information:
Graduate Students
  • Class rank statement showing top 1/5 standing.
  • Letter from primary advisor stating student has completed 50% of coursework.
OR, if the above cannot be obtained:
  • Recommendation from the student's primary advisor. (Their signature can be used, no need for a letter.)
  • Class rank statement showing top 1/5 standing at time of graduation, obtained from registrar. Being listed on the Report of Eligibility during their last semester meets this requirement.
  • If alumni from another institution, a waiver from their home Chapter (HQ can provide the waiver if the Chapter fails to respond).
Eminent Engineers
  • Professional engineering record (resume or curriculum vitae).

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